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Thalassophobia is a VR horrific experience which puts the player in a shipwrecked sailor's shoes in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Swim across frightening waters to survive despite those lurking below…

Swim to safety

Use your controllers to move around the ocean: swim, climb debris or fight for your life as if you were there.

Find your way to the distress signal

The ocean is vast and scary and the path will not be a straight line. Keep an eye on the flag in the distance to get by.

Beware of your surroundings

Such a frail creature lost at sea… The threats upon your life are many.


Don’t stay in the water for too long or the cold will get the better of you. Look for fires to find safe places.

Local residents

Did something graze your foot?! It looks like that underwater volcano is actually home of vicious creatures that are out there to get you.

Will you survive long enough to fire the distress signal or will the hostile waters sink you for good?


Our team

We are 6 videogame students from the CNAM-ENJMIN school (Angoulême, France).

Sound Designer & Composer
Laurent BARIET

3D/2D Artist
Charline FAURE

Project Manager & UX Designer

VR & Gameplay Programmer
Guilhem PECH

Game & Level Designer

Gameplay & AI Programmer


Special Thanks
educational team

Alf, the cat
Skuld, the mouse
Le Stagiaire, the bot


Thalassophobuild 643 MB


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I can't play it. It wants to load a file from a specific location which doesn't exist. Can you build a demo for us to play instead of debug build?


This game is my biggest fear. I couldn't play it to the end. Until the time I was in the water I felt fine, but then my fear came up. I tried to finish the game while watching it at the monitor, but this didn't helped much and I had to quit the game. Maybe I'll try this anytime later. Good Job Developers, I liked it!